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  Mini Mart Vendors

         Laidback Lane Productions, Inc- Osprey, FL   
 CD’s T-shirts, Caps, Jewelry  
Web Site -
Email - "Laidback Lane Productions Inc." <>
Trop Rock Junkies St Petersburg, FL 
CD’s, T-Shirts, hats
Web Site –
Email -Steve Tolliver <>
Tropical Moods Port Saint Lucie, FL
Tropical and nautical signs, jewelry and scarfs
Web Site –
Email - John Milhausen <>
Poodles Island Wear Wilmington, NC
Tropical Resort wear for men and women
Web Site –
Email – Poodles Lockhart <>
Coconut Castaways of Southwest Florida Pt Charlotte, FL
Howard Livingston “friend” Club
Web Site –
Email – Linda Harrison <>
Pirate Fashions-Tampa FL
Pirate & Wench Clothing, Accessories
Web Site –www.Pirate
            Email – Tiger Lee <>
Live Free-Clearwater, FL
Shirts, Floor Mats, Pot Holders, Placemats, Art Work
Wed Site –www.LiveFree.Ink
Email – David Brown <>

Key West Key Lime Jellies-Trinity FL
Key Lime Jellies
      Web Site –
                 Email – Brian “Skipper” Crews <>
Oscar of New Orleans- New Orleans, LA
Pins, Earrings, Parrot Jewelry, Wearable Art
Web Site -
Email-Oscar C. Donahue <>